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Contract Formation, General Counsel

In drawing upon financial, operational and labor and employment experience, we provide general counsel services to entities in multiple industries, including transportation and logistics, engineering, construction and development, and social services, amongst others.  We intuitively understand business, from internal financial reporting, to reading and comprehending financial statements, to addressing human resource and organizational challenges.  If you are in need of guidance as you navigate daily challenges or even the sale of your business, contact us.


Relationship Structuring, Contract Review and Formation, Dispute Resolution

Over the past five years, we have successfully represented claimants and plaintiffs, both individual and collective, in disputes arising out of private equity relationships.  The phrase "private equity" is no mistake.  Secrecy and confidentiality, in and of themselves, are not necessarily objectionable, but when an organization embracing them as core precepts has fiduciary legal duties imposed upon it, conflicts arise.  We can help.


Federal, State, Arbitrations

There are very few lawyers in this world that understand that litigation in and of itself is not the role of an attorney.  Rather, litigation is only one tool in the tool box of resolving business issues that is to be used only sparingly, efficiently, and judiciously.  However, if litigation is necessary we possess the ability and experience to handle complex matters at both the trial court level and appellate court level.  We have a breadth of experience from litigating business matters, insurance coverage issues, shareholder disputes, employment claims, to Federal Civil RICO matters, and even matters that implicate bankruptcy protections.


Administrative Orders, Ethics Investigations

We live in a world where administrative agencies, often with little or no judicial oversight, act in manners that affect your rights and your wallets.  We have engaged in battles with both state and federal administrative agencies attempting to preserve the sometimes ignored concepts of procedural and substantive due process of law.  Whether you receive a call or a letter from a federal agency, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, or any local or state ethics oversight body, give us a call to evaluate your situation.


Labor Arbitrations, Public and Private Sector Labor Negotiations, Strategic Planning

If the EEOC or the local union business agent is knocking at your door, give us a call for guidance.  If you are in need of negotiation assistance, we can assist.  Should a matter escalate to arbitration or court, we have the breadth of experience to advise and represent.

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